Homa Bay International Investment Conference 2024

Homa Bay Pre-Conference

The Homa Bay International Investment Conference is off to a strong start with its pre-conference event in Homa Bay town showcasing the county’s readiness for international investors.

Set to take place from February 27th to 29th, 2024, the investment conference aims to draw both international and local investors to tap into the county’s investment potential. The event is anticipated to lead to the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) between the county government and businesses, as well as business-to-business agreements.

Homa Bay County, with 80% of Lake Victoria within its borders, also foresees a surge in tourism once investment opportunities are realized.
In preparation for the February 2024 conference, pre-investment conferences are being conducted in Homa Bay town and other major towns across the country.

The Homa Bay pre-investment conference drew a robust turnout of local investors eager to contribute to the county’s development.
Key county officials, including the Deputy Governor, H.E Oyugi Magwanga, and several County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) and Members of County Assembly (MCAs), were in attendance, demonstrating the government’s support for local investment.

The Deputy Governor encouraged local investors to prioritize creating employment within the county, which he believed would help reduce crime. He also emphasized the potential for tourism development along the lakefront and urged investors to consider this opportunity.

CECM Polycarp Okombo outlined plans for the upcoming international investment conference, highlighting the potential attendance of US and Polish ambassadors. He emphasized the investment prospects in agribusiness, focusing particularly on edible oils such as palm oil.
Other county officials presented viable investment opportunities in their respective departments, showcasing the diverse range of options available to potential investors.

Local investor Mr. Aguko Juma, a successful farmer and former CECM, underscored the profitability of agriculture and encouraged attendees to consider investing in the sector for community development.

The Homa Bay pre-investment chapter demonstrated the county’s dedication to attracting both local and international investment, setting the stage for a successful international investment conference in February 2024.